Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear NYC,

Thanks for your note. I tried that body scrub you suggested and it's aces.

I want to talk to you about an introspective moment I had recently. Lately, I have been feeling suffocated by my perceived lack of options. Don't roll your eyes! I know this sounds dramatic and I know things could be worse, and that somewhere puppies are fighting and STARVING! I know this, just bear with me, NYC.
Anyway, for one to feel like he has no options means that he has a general idea of the options he seeks. And this is why I'm an idiot. I can't complain because I have no fucking idea what I seek. On a daily basis, I feel like anything would be better than this. But then, if I'm given an option I think 'Do you I really want that?' 'Certainly, I can endure the misery longer-it's not that bad', 'Maybe I should wait it out'. What is the deal with me, NYC? Is this a case of me not seeing the good in something until I am given an out or have I fallen prey to Stockholm Syndrome? Please figure this out and get back to me. I need you.

Forever love,
The Woobs

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anniefoley said...

This seems to be a common theme in this day of too many choices. It always is a question of making the "correct" choice, and there is always the regret of making the "wrong" choice. Do such choices exist? Or are we so consumed by "what if" that we are not able to see past what we don't have to enjoy what we do?