Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear NYC,

So far today has been wonderful, and it promises to get even better. I know this because I can practically hear the whitening trays squishing up onto the grills of Matt, Al, Anne and Meredith as they prepare to kick off the holiday season. Tonight's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is just what I needed, NYC. Your streets are bustling and honestly, the only way for me to feel that I'm part of the pulse of your yule tide is to thrust myself into holiday fuckingawesomeness and be there tonight.

I'm sorry to RSVP so late-I just learned what the word 'ephemeral' means and I think this will be my chance to use it in a sentence. How's this: " The city held it's breath as the darkness turned to light and reflected the ephemeral joys of the season on our faces." Or "Celine Dion was great! She rose from the ground in a cube of ice and with a high note, she splintered the icy mass and emerged unscathed" FYI- I just learned what 'unscathed' means too.

The Woobs

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